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    2. Mon - Tues / 9am - 6pm
    3. Wed - Sat / 9am - 8pm
    4. Sun / 9am - 5pm
    1. Prices
    2. Short Beard Trim / $30
    3. Style Cut / $45
    4. Skin Fade / $55
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The man cave
Founded in 2020, House of Barber was born with the aim of becoming the "mecca" of the gentlemen, where they can be themselves. Besides cutting their hair and shaving hot towels, they should be able to gather and discuss ideas, share a drink and sharpen up all under one roof.

Featuring 5 Barber chairs, massage rooms for customers to relax before and after haircut.

At HOB, from professional, well-trained barbers. Our barbers always listen to the wishes and requests from customers to give practical advice on the most suitable product or treatment to help you get the best look!
The man cave
The best
We like that they have such a convenient online booking feature readily on their website that is assistive to both new and returning clients.

Furthermore, their shop also features drinks and a gaming corner to ensure that their clients get to relax and have a full pampered experience during their stay with them.

Note though that for clients looking to have their services done by their preferred barber, their schedules of availability may vary according to the influx of bookings.

Nonetheless, with their fun and engaging facilities, professional barbers, and highly inclusive barber packages and inclusions, we highly recommend them to individuals in the area looking for premier barber services.
The best
    1. Service

      Check our pricing

    2. Haircut
    3. Style Cut 30mins - $45

      Standard clippers fade around the sides and back with scissors on top

    4. Skin Fade 45 mins - $55

      A skin fade is any haircut blends to skin on the side and back. Then, scissors cut on top

    5. Scissor Cut 60mins - $65

      Full Scissor with sections from side to back and top. Choose this if you want a premium classic style.

    6. Lad’s Cut 30mins - $35

      A basic cut for children under 16 year old.

    7. Buzz Cut 15mins - $25

      Simple all over number with a classic taper finish

    8. Restyle Cut 60mins - $65

      A refresh service if you want to change your hairstyle or you haven’t maintained your hair for awhile. Please allow an hour for consult and cut

    9. Beard trim
    10. Short Beard Trim 15 mins - $30

    11. Long Beard Trim 30 mins - $35

    12. Hot Towels Shave & Facial Massage 45mins - $65

      It’s like a facial and a close shave all in one. That hot towel application might be one of the best parts of the process, and it plays a major role in the quality of the shave, as well as the comfort of the client. (That’s you.)

    13. Combo service
    14. Style Cut & Beard Trim 45 mins - $70 / $75

      A Style Cut & Beard Trim. You can save $5 when booked together

    15. Skin Fade & Beard Trim 60 mins - $80 / $85

      A combo service. You got $5 discount if you want to trim your hair and beard together.

    16. Scissors Cut & Beard Trim 75 mins - $90 / $95

      A combo service. You got $5 discount if you want to trim your hair and beard together.

    17. Style Cut & Hot Towels Shave 75mins - $105

      Style Cut and Hot Towel Shave with Facial Steamer and Massage. Allow 1 hour

    18. Skin Fade & Hot Towels Shave 90 mins - $115

      A combo service. You got $5 discount if you want to trim your hair and shave your beard together.

    19. Dad & Lad’s Cut 60mins - $75

      Happy together. You can take your kid to the barbershop and get haircut together.

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